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Anna and Chetan // Day 3 - Indian Wedding

It's been two years since Anna and Chetan's' amazing 4 day Indian/Burner wedding weekend and it still lives in my head in vivid color! It was one of those weddings that Alex and I still talk about frequently and I don't think anything will ever top the incredible joy & wonder the entire weekend had!

They wanted an event that engaged guests and was interactive and boy did they pull it off! It didn't matter that it was in the 90s the whole weekend, it was an amazing time with a fantastic group of people!

Since I don't have more words to describe things, here are some of the fabulous pictures by Jonathan Pretz and Nathan Bonslayer! 

Day 3 - Indian Wedding

From the second line for the Baraat to the incredible DJ set up that shot fire, to the amazing food trucks day 3 was full color and joy and dancing!

Venue: The Reverie (Private Residence)

Photographers: Jonathan Pretz and Nathan Bonslayer

Makeup and Hair: Anya Singer and Beauty By Mark

Catering: Hill Culinary

Catering: Taj Catering

Fire - Incendia

Band: Worldtown

Band (Second Line): Too Much Talent Band

Portable Restroom: GotUGo

Tent & Other Rentals: Loane Bros



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