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two brides standing with wedding planner

Alexis & Katie

Calling her a planner doesn’t take into account everything she did! Fran was a guide through the unfamiliar world of weddings, a sounding board for ideas and creative projects, the person to push when we needed pushing and to hold our hands when we needed it, a huge supporter when we needed solidarity as LGBTQ folk navigating less inclusive aspects of wedding planning, and sometimes a therapist...

Hiring Fran was the best decision we made around our wedding! She gave us the space to embrace our weirdness and create an event that fit our unique relationship. She helped to keep us on track through the planning process and provided the digital planning tools we needed to keep the different aspects of the event together, from the website to the seating chart and photo ideas. Most importantly, she got to know about us and our priorities and helped us to cut through the wedding industrial bullshit to have exactly what we needed and nothing that we were only convinced we needed. She took everything in hand the day of, letting us enjoy our wedding day without worrying about place settings questions from vendors. She and her assistant even took charge of the s'mores bar and made sure the fire was kept burning for our guests to make their treats. In the end, the wedding was uniquely us and we are so glad for the work she did to support us!

wedding couple standing with wedding planner

Allison & Ryan

wedding couple getting hug from wedding planner

Tammy & Simon

Amazing Planner!

Fran is knowledgeable, friendly, and delivers excellent service. She was able to answer all our questions and took the time to explain everything to us. She was always respectful and patient.

We interviewed many other wedding planners, but never received the same level of attention to detail and willingness to listen. She made sure my fiancé and I were happy before the big day.

Fran was an absolutely essential part of our wedding and we are so, so happy we hired her. She is incredibly kind, patient, flexible, and hardworking. We hired her as our day-of coordinator in 2019 for our 2020 wedding, which was then pushed back to 2021. She checked in on us multiple times to see how planning was going, gave great advice and helpful input, and made sure every single part of our wedding ran smoothly. She checked in with all of our vendors the day before and kept track of them day-of, flawlessly directed our rehearsal, plus did a million extra things from helping with set-up and arranging my last-minute bouquet to handling our cake when the caterer didn't cut it themselves. Hiring Fran was absolutely one of the best decisions we could have made for our wedding, and I would recommend her services to anyone regardless of the size or style of their wedding. I'm sure she can handle anything you throw at her!

wedding couple standing with wedding planner

Art & Zoe

Bride and Groom in Wheelchair

Melia & Adam

Fran made everything run smoothly the day of the wedding. My husband and I got married September 4th, and she was there every minute of it. Making sure we had what we needed. We had done most of the planning, but needed help with the vendors and the day of. She was amazing at getting my family and everything in order! She was also very accommodating for us as two persons in wheelchairs.

Highly recommend!

Fran was the absolute BEST! We cannot say enough good things about how smoothly our weekend went because of Fran & team. From applying decals as our escort cards, to running flowers to us when I had them delivered to the wrong place, I am so glad we had Fran by our sides! We also did not think we would use Fran’s wedding software— but it ended up being so helpful to manage contracts and seating and to stay organized and transparent.

wedding couple standing with wedding planner

Ash & Dan

wedding couple standing with wedding planner

Lauren & Brendan

Fran was everything we could have asked for in a wedding planner. She didn’t just plan. She helped me advocate for the things I really wanted and made sure everything went absolutely perfect.

She also handled a ton of little things my husband and I hadn’t even thought of.

She was flexible, kind, empathetic, and most of all validating.

If you want a wedding planner who will truly listen and take the stress out of planning I couldn’t recommend anyone else!

It's been a long road... and we're so glad Fran was with us!

We hired Fran for wedding management right before the pandemic. She was wonderful to work with for both our wedding ceremony and our wedding reception... which ended up being 9 months later! She stuck with us through the whole journey, even when the event morphed into two separate events, neither at the original venue. She's super knowledgeable about all manner of wedding things and local vendors, and came to my creative rescue with ideas, supplies, and setup for table decorations. Absolutely recommend her!

wedding couple standing with wedding planner

Kelly & Mike

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